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This site contains most of the published research on my Georgia Knowles family Most of my efforts were an outgrowth of the 1981 discovery of the diary of my second great-grandfather.  Like so many old documents, the diary had moldered for many years in obscurity. Fortunately it had passed down into only a third generation, and had remained in one house for over sixty years!  "The Journal of James B. Knowles" covered his life in Henry & Butts Counties in Middle Georgia-and, to a lesser degree, letters and visits to Dooly County in South Georgia, where his father had moved the family in 1850.  Though not very detailed, it gave an insight into his life, and times, and led to further research.  After looking into restoration, which would have kept it in private hands, it was determined, that it would be best to donate it to the Georgia State Archives, where it could be preserved, and utilized by more people.  The Archives microfilmed it for easy access(self-serve, "Private Papers" )-but the original is available, under supervision, for interested descendants or local historians. The diary contains almost daily entries from Nov. 1 1852 to Jan. 30 1858(first six or so pages, somewhat out of sequence). It appears that this "original" was at least partially transcribed, perhaps dating from an 1854 entry, noting the purchase of "this blank book". A later discovery, a pocket-sized version, seems to verify this fact, as a portion duplicated the period of Aug. 6/7 1857 to Jan. 30 1858, and continued, if erratically, until Aug. 8 1858. This booklet is also in the Archives vault.  Unlike the "original", this handy, everyday item is primarily in pencil. Interestingly, it contains a rich assortment of "recipes"-or prescriptions, which James B. Knowles used during his medical training, and subsequent practice, with mentor Dr. James H. Bryans, of Butts Co. GA.

My family history has been greatly enhanced by these "heirloom" documents, and I have tried to share a bit of their "wealth" through published summaries(and associated research)-for descendants, and others- who are interested in the early Knowles families of Georgia.
Larry C. Knowles