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 Comparison of various deeds, tax records, and Land lottery lists often aid in identifying individuals(and their movement)within Georgia. Lots and districts(in land-lot counties) have remained unchanged since first surveyed, though they may be found in an offspring of the parent county. Similarly, one of the earliest political subdivisions-Georgia Militia Districts (GMDs)have stayed numerically constant, even as their Captains varied from year to year(# 1).  Fortunately, such comparisons are helpful on "our" ancestors in Greene, Newton, Fayette-and even Henry and Jasper Co.
In 1799 Edmond Knowles Sr. bought 204 acres on Shoulderbone Creek. This parcel, the "homeplace", is consistently noted on the Greene Co. Tax Digest.  In 1824, his 174 acres reflects the sale of 30 acres to Edmond Knowles Jr.(March 1816). Prior to then, Edmond Jr. had bought 45A.(two parcels)and by this tax period had moved to Newton Co., leaving brother William to pay on 90 acres(his own 15 & Ed Jr.'s 75).  In fact, in August 1825, Edmond Knowles of Newton Co. sold the same 75A. to brother William, in a deed witnessed by Cader Carter and Ed Jr.(III).  Two deeds in Newton Co. show that Edmond(II)owned #307/1D(in original Walton Co.)one of two, he had won in the 1820 Lottery(# 2).  His father(#213/20D-Early Co.)-and also, William (#243/7D-Early Co.)had won that year! In Greene in 1828, William paid taxes on both of these lots-and, on 260 acres in Greene(his 90 and 170A for his father-minus 4?). In Newton, in August 1827, Edmond Knowles was sued(bad debt)by James P. Knoles, served at his "notorious place of abode", and later ordered to pay $56/37½ cents(# 3). Soon after, he moved to Fayette Co. where he paid tax on his second Lottery lot(#329/15D-Early Co.). He did not sell this lot until 1854, when he granted power of attorney to Daniel D. Denhorn(name similar to that of 2nd wife, lot now in Decatur Co.).
In Greene-in February 1832, Edmond and Patience Knowles, "in helpless old age", deeded their "plantation...woodland...stock & household goods" to son William Knowles. Edmond Sr. died in March 1835. William and wife Sarah died in Oct. 1836. In Hancock Co. January 2 1837, brothers, James P. and Rice P. Knowles were given administration of William's(and-effectively-their father's) estate. In the 1821 Lottery, James J. Knowles of Jasper Co. (Barnes district)won #200/14D-Dooly Co. In 1832 & 1833, he paid taxes on it in Fayette Co(# 4). My own James Knowles Sr. bought an adjacent lot(#201/14D-Dooly)from a Wesley Cook in April 1834.  In Henry Co. in 1830, Charles Knowles lived on #88/8D, paid tax on it in Fayette Co. in 1831, sold it in 1833, and-previously, had lived in Jasper Co.1818-1825(deeds and tax records clearly define this man's county mig-rations).

Compiled for Steven L. Knowles-Tyler, TX,  Feb 1992(later revisions)
# 1)   Check local GMD history. District stability improved with Legislative Act, Dec.10 1807.
# 2)    It may be that these lots were won by separate men. It is very difficult to distinguish same-named men, or Juniors & Seniors. The latter often indicated age differences, not kinship. GO BACK
# 3)    This James P. Knowles was likely a brother(the man, later in Hancock Co.)-but, he could have been a cousin, or even an uncle, of a second Edmond Knowles(see footnote # 2). GO BACK      
# 4)    Appears to be James Joseph Knowles, whose letter from Tyler Texas is noted in the James B. Knowles diary(1852-1858)-linking my Henry Co. family to those in Fayette Co. A younger man, Joseph T. Knowles(also in the diary & adjacent to James Knowles Sr. on the 1850 Henry Co. census)married in Fayette Co. in 1847.  GO BACK