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Welcome to the KNOWLES IN GEORGIA Website. My name is Larry Knowles and this is my first attempt at posting information on the internet.  I have been researching my Knowles family in Georgia for nearly twenty years. Over the last ten years I have tried to share some of that knowledge through several published works; nothing to boast about, but perhaps useful to other genealogists.  Unfortunately, I am not aware of many other active researchers here in Georgia. That may be because there were just so many early Knowles families, and because, they left so few definitive records! The best way to encourage and extend our Knowles research is through sharing our family histories.  There are several out-of-state researchers currently tracing their Georgia Knowles connections. Most have midwest ancestors, primarily descendants of those families who migrated from Georgia to Indiana in 1811. But, anyone with Knowles forebears in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama prior to 1860, likely have Georgia roots! There appear to be two major Knowles clans in Georgia by 1820, those from Delaware and North Carolina; though both may be related in earlier generations.

The Knowles/Knoles/Noles Family Association is trying to link all of those families with connections in Georgia.  To share information, and solicit new members, they have recently established a neat Web site.  Check it out at: ( If you suspect that your Knowles family migrated from Georgia, the enclosed information might be of some interest.

And, please, if you compile family trees, or publish anything on your family history, be sure to donate copies to your favorite genealogy libraries, the LDS Church, or your State Archives. As anything that distinguishes separate Knowles families in Georgia helps us all!

                                 Larry C. Knowles-March 2001


Most of my published research is included here(the revised story of Joseph "Noles" is available as described later). Most of my works were composed on WordPerfect. These files were later converted to MS-Word/Windows 98, and formatted for an HP 812C printer. That formulation was then revised for this Web site(RICH TEXT). These processes tended to mangle headers, footers, and, particularly, footnotes. I had tried to reconstitute these pages to a similar version of the originals(footers eliminated). That effort has largely proven fruitless, as I found that my browser would not honor documents with "full justification".  So, many of my pages will likely appear "unbalanced". I can only apologize for that, and for any other formatting anomalies you may find. Some segments may not be aesthetically pleasing, or easy to read, but all of the presented material is complete.

I am currently not "geared" for the immediacy of extensive e-mail correspondence. I will appreciate mail, but cannot promise prompt responses. Space permitting, I will consider your "digital additions" to this site(3.5 "floppies" or CDs)-especially information on, or "linkage" to, the "separate Knowles families" who settled in South Georgia, from about 1825. But, your research might be better directed to the K/K/N Family Association(above)-or to other genealogy archives! At present I have no plans to regularly update this site, but you might find something new at a later date.

Larry C. Knowles
March 25, 2001

P.S. Unfortunately, I did not think of deleting underlined passages, so all are not links. All items in the top mast, and the left border, are links, as are all footnotes. Sorry about that!

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